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Lessona "Omaggio a Quintino Sella" (2006) (DOC)
A very refined red wine giving you a pleasant aroma to enjoy.
HK$ 900.00
Lessona "San Sebastiano allo Zoppo" (2006) (DOC)
This historic vineyard and its old Nebbiolo and Vespolina vines always give extraordinary grapes, forming this exquisite red wine.
HK$ 600.00
Lessona (2008) (DOC)
The ancient marine sands of Lessona, the floral Vespolina enriches the noble Nebbiolo for an elegant red wine, a classic since more than three centuries.
HK$ 399.00
Coste della Sesia Orbello
Coste della Sesia Orbello (2010) (DOC)
Orbello is a young red wine, a pleasant approach with grapes coming from Barbera vines, and from the younger of Nebbiolo and Vespolina vines.
HK$ 250.00
Lessona (2001)
The Sella family owns some choice plots in Bramaterra and Lessona, from which it makes a solid group of wines that fully capture the esscence of these appellations.
HK$ 560.00